Conservatory, Glass Roof, Conservatory Roof Cleaning

While most conservatories have one to three glazed sides, there are several types of conservatory roof designs, but most commonly these can be described as hipped and sloped. Hipped conservatory roof is similar to house roof and sloped is flat narrow roof. Hipped roofs can also come in many variations. Our range of conservatory cleaning services can cover them all and from external conservatory roof cleaning to complete internal and external conservatory cleaning. This may also include the optional advance cleaning or renovation of (uPVC) frames and conservatory gutters. We are also able to clean your skylights or veluxes, either on their own or as part of your current service.

In order to provide you with an accurate quote we may need you to send us a photo with full skylight visible and exact, or as close as possible, dimensions. Please note if house windows are booked and skylights or veluxes are not mentioned prior to our arrival, they will not be cleaned at time of service. These have to be booked separately, although can still be cleaned all together. Discounts are available if conservatory cleaning is combined with window or carpet cleaning service at time of visit. Please note that any form of conservatory, glass or conservatory roofs are excluded from our basic window cleaning quotes. If required these can be added as additional services and variations are available, for example, external window cleaning with internal and external conservatory cleaning