High-pressure Cleaning

Patio or deck cleaning is one of those things we leave until the vegetation around the property turns the paving or decking into a slide in wet weather or worse. We at Servicewise offer very competitive and cost-efficient high-pressure cleaning services that could bring back the natural look of your patio, driveway, paving or decking. Our range of jet-wash cleaning services includes but does not limit to:

  • Patio Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Pavement Cleaning
  • Decking Cleaning

All patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, pavement cleaning and deck cleaning services can be combined with the optional sealing (conservation) to reduce the chance of vegetation and enhance the natural colours of your patio, driveway or decking. It is important to note that we will not sand your decking in prior but will simply jet-wash it and lay the new varnish on. Therefore we recommend to use colourless or the same colour as the existing varnish of your decking. Please note, we must be notified prior of service should you like us to use special or exact type/colour of varnish and you’ll also need to provide it (or as agreed) as it is not included in our standard pricing.

Sand re-laying service is suitable for patios and drives and is designed to fill the opened in the patio cleaning service or in prior joint gaps of the paving and is available in two options:

  • budget or standard with dry kiln sand – designed for simple joint finishing
  • advance with “no weed sand” – weed inhibiting sand with special organic minerals,

We would usually quote for the budget patio sand re-laying service and therefore, should you require “no weed sand” please advise us in your inquiry. The post clean appearance of weed in the joints of your patio would depend on many factors. A major one is if the slabs are unstable or move under pressure – this is usually caused by the weight of cars or the ageing of your driveway paving blocks and is sometimes hard to notice at the time of patio cleaning service but still has a significant impact. We recommend the use of advance “no weed sand” as it hardens more than the standard dry kiln sand and is weed unfriendly. The patio cleaning service with the use of “no weed sand” does cost more but there is no guarantee that the cheaper option would provide equal results over the same period of time.

With our simple pricing, it’s never been easier to track the cost in details of any of the above patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, pavement cleaning, deck cleaning sand re-laying or conservation services. Each service is subject to minimum charge if used on its own and is priced by square metre.

Should you require any further information or a free no-obligatory quote please do not hesitate to get in contact