House Roof Cleaning


Roof cleaning is one of those things we always leave until a leak is discovered or moss blocks the gutters. Most of our customers also do not realise how vital roof cleaning can be and how it may extend the life of your roof tiles/slats. By removing all algae, moss and lichen from your roof it warms up quicker and your property loses less energy. Moss/algae and lichen build ups keep your roof wet and cold for longer and prevents the quick warming of your house by the sun. The roots of these ever growing plants may also remove layers from your roof tiles/slats or to crack them by finding the most suitable gaps for growing.

The type of roof cleaning method would depend on the company you hire for the job. There are two types of roof cleaning: high and low pressure roof cleaning.

High pressure roof cleaning will jet away the covering mould and algae, but may also reduce the life of your roof with a few years. You will also need to re-do the roof cleaning every three to four years, presuming there are no trees near your house, as the high pressure removes the moss but does not prevent its growth and seeds are likely to remain. In shady woodland areas this could mean that roof cleaning might have to be performed as early as next year.

For a longer term solution, we recommend low-pressure treatment. By manually removing large deposits of moss deposits, application of strong, professional and Eco-friendly chemicals we also remove the algae and lichen build up from your roof and leave it nice and clean for nearly twice the time, compared to high pressure roof cleaning. Prices for roof cleaning do not differ significantly, but having your roof cleaned with the low pressure method could save you a lot of hassle and cost compared to high pressure roof cleaning (over a period of seven to eight years). Also the low pressure roof cleaning method will not damage your roof and will save you a couple of years or even extend its life span.

A high pressure roof cleaning, depending on pressure, may crack or cut off some vulnerable roof slats/tiles while the low pressure would allow safe removal and decomposition of all or most algae/moss seeds bedded in.

All our roof cleaning quotes include inspection of your roof (at time of service), pointing out the vulnerable areas (if any), gutter cleaning (as well as health check) and down-pipe unblocking where needed.


In order to save you time and for an accurate estimate, we would prefer to have a couple of photos emailed to us showing clearly all (or as many as you can get to) sides of your property, and the type of roof it has. We will also need postcode, type of property (number of beds and over how many storeys) to allow us measure your roof (without boosting your quote with travel expenses just to come and have a look) and advise with cleaning procedure, also approximate job length.